Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Jeff Koinange: ...Hillary YES - Obama NO

As I mentioned before, Jeff accompanied Barrack Obama in Kenya.

On August 28, 2006, he wrote:


..... OBAMA-MANIA has been UNBELIEVABLE ....

And since I spoke to you, I'm now looking at KENYA with different light .... you have 'opened' my eyes in many ways .... and for that I shall forever be GRATEFUL !!!!!!!!!!

And seeing OBAMA looking so PRESIDENTIAL and so dignified (and 'untainted') makes me really think about what I told you the other day .... that one day I WANT TO BE PRESIDENT of this country .....

To be HONEST, I've wanted nothing else since I was a small boy growing up ....

I just didn't know how I would ever achieve it .... CNN has been an AMAZING journey of discovery for me ..... I get to 'brush shoulders' with the very BEST and the very WORST ..... and I get a FRONT ROW seat to HISTORY .....

And every day I feel I want to change things .... that I can change things ..... and one day, GOD willing, I will .....

Chatting to you makes me feel all this was meant to be .....

Stay well ..... and let's keep chatting.



The following day he called and we discussed Barrak Obama's chances to become the next US-President.

As a follow-up, Jeff then wrote:

Here is my reply:

Hillary: YES !!!!!!!

Obama: NO !!!!!!! Too early - America is not ready yet for a Black President !!!!!!!!!


.... to be continued .....

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